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How to Install Windows 7 On Mac Using Bootcamp

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This is a step by step tutorial on how to install Windows 7 on your Mac via Bootcamp. Even though this tutorial shows how to install Windows 7, the same tutorial will work if you want to install any other version of Windows: XP or Windows Vista. Things you need before Installing Windows 7: 1. Intel based Mac. 2. Copy of Windows 7 CD 3. Copy of Leopard or Snow Leopard CD ( For Drivers) Installation Process: 1. Open Bootcamp Assistance. 2. Partition your Hard Drive to your liking. 3. Insert Windows 7 CD (Make sure you have a copy of the serial number) 4. Computer will restart into Windows 7 Setup; follow the steps. 5. After Installation insert your Snow Leopard or Leopard OS Cd ( For Divers) 6. You will be prompted with a driver installation menu follow the steps to install the drivers. 7. CONGRATS! YOUR WINDOWS 7 INSTALLATION IS COMPLETE! 8. Now to select Windows 7 HOLD DOWN THE OPTION KEY while your computer is restarting then select which operating system you want to use. Follow Us On Twitter: www.twitter.com/thetigertek Thank You For Wacthing! Don’t Forget To Rate Subscribe & Comment!
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